Until The Morning Light  (Single 2018)
Remember (Single 2016)
Miracle (Remixes 2016)
Breathe  (Remixes 2017)
ASAP  (Remixes 2015)
A new me  (Singolo 2014)
Recovery  (Album 2016)




Jenifer Brening was born in Berlin (where her parents moved to 1992) as the second Child of the Russian-German couple Lilli and Eduard Brening. Their ancestors were the Volga Germans.

They moved a few times: Shortly after the birth of Jenifer, in a small idyllic village, where she then attended kindergarten and elementary school. In 2010 then, in a small town near Ulm where Jenifer attended middle school, high school and graduated.

Currently she is studying International Business Administration at the university.


​At five she began to study ballet and, at the age of eight, took her first piano lessons.

She began to sing early--according to her parents before she could even speak. Her talent was quickly recognized and promoted accordingly.

She performs at the time of family celebrations and loads videos on YouTube.


Also, she took part in various competitions:

​In 2010-"Heidenheim looks for the superstar" and won first place.

In 2011-"Bravo Star 2011" and was in the top ten.

In 2012-"the winner is... "And it comes in the top four.

In the 2014-11th season of "DSDS-Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (The German version of American Idol).


​The first solo single "Not That Guy" was released on December 31, 2013 and won the EMM Award 2014 for the best new proposal of the 2014. The song was also produced in acoustic version with the duo of German-Swedish producers Eike & Kaz.


​Then followed by the songs "A New Me" and "Alive".


​In 2015 she released her first "ASAP" songwriter Single that immediately reached the top positions in the national and international digital sales charts.


In January 2016 the next single "Miracle" was released and even was nominated in the Pop category at Hollywood Music in Media Awards. "Miracle" received much attention from renowned radio and TV formats (eg Bigfoot, Viva, MTV, Go TV) at home and abroad and was also released in the remix versions (including a remix of the Grammy winner Philip Larsen).


​Jenifer is invited to many events and was a guest at the Echo awards ceremony in Germany. She won an international competition in Kazakhstan.

At the end of 2016 the album debut "Recovery" was released. Jenifer composed and wrote all the songs.

The album was preceded by the single "Remember".

​She sang at the competition "1in360" devised by the Republic of San Marino to find the artist who will sing at Eurovision 2018. Jenifer is co-author of 4 finalist pieces.

She reached in final with two tracks: with her own song "Until the Morning Light" and as featuring with the song

"Who We Are" by the Maltese singer Jessica Muscat.

And with this last track Jessica won the contest.

On 10 May 2018, they presented San Marino at the second semifinal of the Eurovision in Lisbon.


His new single "Until The Morning Light" is available in all digital stores.



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